2021 Nissan Navara N Trek Warrior review | Australia

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Simone reviews the 2020 Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior. The Warrior has a tough job. On one hand, it is supposed to be a significant step up from the standard N-Trek. But on the other hand, that puts it against the Toyota Hilux Rugged-X and the Ford Ranger Raptor, two of the most hardcore offerings. In fact, with the Colorado SportsCat added to the mix, these four would complete the list of best UTE offerings in Australia.

That’s some tough competition. And, with all due respect for Nissan, Toyota and Ford have the head start thanks to their prior ute reputations. So, can Warrior really compete?

Be sure to watch Simone’s review of the latest N-Trek Warrior for information like performance, price and capabilities as well as how the Warrior compares to it’s main rivals in the Raptor and Rugged X. With an all-new Toyota Hilux on it’s way to Australia soon we focused our comparison more against the Ranger Raptor.

The N-Trek Warrior offers a less expensive entry point into the top-level UTE market and that makes it very relevant. And in its own right, it’s an amazing machine. Now give us that V6.

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