Albion Online - Free to Play Fame Boost and Premium Days!

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Albion Online - Free to Play Fame Boost and Premium Days!

In this video I am talking about the Fame boost and premium days compensation that Sandbox Interactive are giving to the players of Albion Online and also my recommendation on taking advantage of the 25% fame boost during this time :) Lvl Fast during this time!

Mists of Albion 25% Fame Boost!
Rubberband boots!

Gold Give Away! https://gleam.io/cqGUJ/albion-online-1-x-1750-gold-code-and-3-x-3333333-silver-give-away

### https://gleam.io/E1pN6/40-euro-runtime-gg-pack-give-away###

---WAR BLOOD Discord---


Hey Guys I wanted to let you know that War Blood is recruiting! Are you looking for a high end guild in a high end alliance? We need guys who can commit to 5 EU War camps per week between 17:00UTC to 18:00 UTC we are a PVP guild and heavily committed to ZvZ.

If you sound like the person we need above then we need you!

I am doing a give away to win 1750x gold code and 3 x 3,333,333 Silver prizes! I hope you guys will take the time to come to the War Blood discord! Hope to see you soon :) Be apart of the OOPS Alliance!

Links to War Blood in description below and an entry in the competition.

---WAR BLOOD Discord---


1 x 1750 Gold code
3 x 3,333,333 Silver
4 Lucky Winners!

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Discount code = Boomslang


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So I am now sponsored by Sennheiser :) Runtime GG are a cool company and have provided me some sample packs of which I am giving one away!

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Fractured Guild = https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/3858/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BoomslangGaming
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Runtime GG - https://www.facebook.com/Runtimegg/

### War Blood ###
Hi Guys, if you are interested in joining my guild, War Blood, hop over to our guild Discord and read the information in the "Welcome" channel.


Great cursed Staff Build - https://youtu.be/R3HC2D0nluk

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Another money making Vid - https://youtu.be/zZ1hMUgvh9c

Fishing and Farming Vid more to come -https://youtu.be/F5RrLzYzqGU

Things I wish I knew before playing Albion MUST SEE!!! https://youtu.be/YUEz_b0nirY

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