Captain Falcon's REAL Final Smash -- Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Okay, this is epic.

Sorry that some of the clips had that motion blur. These were recorded like almost two months ago, and their original exportation was done with resampling enabled -- we couldn't get it back. Oh well.

Speaking of doing them a long time ago, quite recently, I believe starting at patch 2.0.0 (but definitely in 2.0.1), they've removed a mechanic we've loved for so long. The HCD (Hitstun Cancelling Device).

For those of you who don't know, this was a mechanic in the game where you could cancel all of your hitstun when taking knockback if you wear the rocket belt. Normally when you equip items, if you get launched, there's a random chance you'll DROP that equipment. For some reason, though, if you DROP the rocket belt, it'll remove your hitstun, allowing you to act while being launched.

I've used this mechanic a lot in my combos and just generally fooling around, but unfortunately, this mechanic has been removed. Now, when you drop the rocket belt automatically, it does NOT remove your hitstun.

Mega F

Credits to Crew Members RandomPuncher, Numbskull, and Aaron (Dankdorfy) for helping get the footage and idea of this video.

Music used:


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