Dungeons and Dragons Online - A solo playthough of Tangleroot Gorge (level 7, Elite difficulty)

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As I've mentioned I'm taking a partial break from POE, and that means more playing of other games.

I used to be obsessed with DDO. This is a playthrough of the Tangleroot Gorge quest chain, a fairly classic early quest. While most content in DDO uses each dungeon only once or twice, Tangleroot sees you make repeated incursions into one enemy fortress.

In this chain you ally with a hobgoblin chieftain who has been outcast, in order to take out the (demon-allied) hobgoblins that overthrew him in a coup.

Part 0: Run out through the Gorge to the fortress
Part 1: Enter the fort, kill 20 Hobgoblins
Part 2: Rescue 5 human hostages
Part 3: Recover 3 warplans
Part 4: Stop the hobgoblins breeding demonic spiders
Part 5: Make contact with a hobgoblin ally
Part 6: Slay the hobgoblin witch doctor
Part 7: Slay the hobgoblin usurper chieftain

This chain isn't popular with powergamers any more, but if it were to be speedrun, 20-30 minutes would be the expected completion time. (I've not been a powergamer in DDO for about seven years).

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