Rebels defeat Padme with 3po and 7 relic Anakin: SWGOH squad arena

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a great game I don't own but enjoy immensely.

Apologies the end of the video ends so abruptly, but I realized this wasn't on airplane mode at a bad time.

This move order works to remove Padme teams on my shard. 3po makes it very difficult to succeed but if you are cautious you can get it to work, especially once the ai kills Thrawn as it gives extra attention to Chewbacca thereafter, as once he has two stacks of confusion his assist mechanic stops and the bloodbath begins.

Thanks a lot for watching, if you have questions leave them in the comments down below.

My mods/profile:. https://swgoh.gg/p/461626857/

Thanks CG and SWGOH.gg for all you do.

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