Welcome to the September 2019 Grand Sumo Tournament

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Welcome back to Sumo after a summer break. We're back in Tokyo for this tournament, which runs from September 8th to September 22nd. Details about the September Contest are below.

Link to the Contest Entry Form:

I will post the updated public PDF with the overall standings starting on Day 2 in the final video of each day.

Other Links:
Jason’s SUMO t-shirts (on sale in 2019): https://teespring.com/stores/jasons-japanese-shirts

The official SUMO homepage with the banzuke and daily match listings: http://www.sumo.or.jp/En

Good article explaining various SUMO traditions, rules and phrases:

NHK World's SUMO page with rules, explanations and highlights & Sumopedia:

Link to Jason's Tip Jar: https://jasoninjapan.blogspot.com

Send me an email if you have a question or feedback: Japanjuku (at) gmail (dot) com

Dedicated SUMO Twitter is @Sumo_Jason or http://twitter.com/Sumo_Jason

the Tachiai online shop for sumo goods: https://shop.tachiai.org/

Lots of SUMO goods including calendars, t-shirts, trading cards & the official banzuke: https://bigsumofan.com/

Need Sumo tickets? Try http://buysumotickets.com

Thanks for watching!

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