Who To Rank? Old Man Logan or Colossus When Buffs Go Live? | Marvel Contest of Champions

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Just a little comparison of Colossus and Old Man Logan in the Beta program. Breaking down in sections what I think about the champs and how they are in certain situation. Love to hear your comments on who you will rank up if the beta versions are the same as the final. Remember, this is the beta version of the champs so before you rush off to upgrade your Colossus or Old Man Logan make sure to wait to see what the final versions look like. They could be the same, they could be better or they could even be worse.

Breakdown of the Video

Opening Chat
Damage Discussion 0:50
Immunity Discussion 2:40
Staying Alive Discussion 3:58
Suicides Discussion 5:11
Synergy Discussion 6:47
Who I Enjoy More 8:11
Who I Would Rank First 9:00

Personally, I am not big on saying one champ is better than the other. I find many champs are good for certain situations. I think both Old Man Logan and Colossus are solid champs in Beta and if they stay the same in the final version they both could be very useful. It really depends on what you need, Colossus seems to be a bit more on the utility side with great immunities and can hit hard at times but does suffer from a low critical rate. Old Man Logan is a bleed machine, hits hard and has some nice regeneration. Both in my opinion do not need awakening to be solid champs but the awakening will obviously enhance them.

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